The Extreme Team

General Manager Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is the glue that holds everything together at Extreme Air. He takes care of all the logistics and minute details for employees. He works both sides, at the House of Doors, and Extreme Air. Anything that management struggles with, we turn to Paul Edwards for assistance. He is the one who presents new ideas to the owners and looks for approval before we break ground on anything. Paul also takes care of payroll, and ensures that all the employees are paid correctly and on time.

Events Manager Arielle

Arielle is the voice of all birthday parties and group events here at Extreme Air. If you have ever had a party here, you most likely have received a call from her to confirm it, and probably got side tracked and talked about perks to not hosting your child’s party at your house because it was a disaster last year, or just about life in general. Anything that has to do with booking parties or coordinating group events, Arielle is the go-to person. Arielle also helps maintain the facebook page, trains all party hosts, and overlooks everything that happens in the park. Arielle works feverishly to find new features and attractions to set our park apart from the rest.  She is the founder of our Inclusion Night which welcomes jumpers of all abilities, and accommodates any of their needs. You can always see her either at the front desk smiling or laughing as she awaits customers, popping around on the court, decorating and cleaning party rooms, or assisting in any way she can.

Concessions Manager Drew

Drew is the perfect fit to be at the helm of concessions, and is our jack of all trades. Before working here, he was the concessions manager at one of the busiest movie theaters in the state. He has a lot of expertise and years of experience popping popcorn, baking pretzels, serving ice cream and mixing ICEEs perfectly. Drew has worked with all of the machines and fixtures in concessions you could ever imagine, so he knows the ins and outs and how to finesse them when they are being temperamental. Even when there is a large crowd flocking concessions, he works well under pressure, and works diligently to ensure customers receive the best quality product. He passes along his skills to our employees who work the concession stand, and also trains them in sanitation and cleanliness, which is the most important part of the job. When he is not behind concessions, he is running things at the front desk, making sure party check in is running smoothly, and answering all phone calls.

Maintenance Manager Matt

Matt plays a critical role at Extreme Air, and although he is not always seen around the park, he is constantly doing behind the scenes work. He comes in early every morning to clean the park and makes sure that everything is set up correctly for the day, and many other miscellaneous tasks. This entails taking inventory for several areas of the park, issuing weekly schedules for employees, ordering any supplies we need, and ensuring all of our equipment is functioning properly. He is well versed in cleaning supplies, and how to use them properly as well as how to properly clean up anything big or small. Matt and his team are vital in keeping our park not only clean, but also running smoothly.

Cleaning Crew

As a trampoline park, we know that cleanliness is paramount in order to keep everyone healthy and ensure everyone has a positive experience. For that reason, we always have at least one member of our thoroughly trained, and certified maintenance crew on duty. In case of a spill, or an unsightly mess anywhere in the park, they are on standby and prepared to handle anything. Our maintenance staff is dedicated to coming in early every morning to mop the trampolines and air bags, and disinfect the whole park. To the surprise of many customers, you can always see a crewmember from maintenance walking around the park in search of something to clean or tidy up. Our maintenance crew not only keeps everything clean and smelling great, but they also keep our equipment functioning properly and safely. We take a lot of pride in our maintenance staff and how hard they work because that helps keep our park the cleanest and best functioning in the state, if not the country!

Why is Paul Bunyan our mascot?

Back in 1974, Conrad Sirois decided to open up a tree business called A1-Tree Experts. One day Conrad drove by Rock Brother’s tires in Bristol and found the Paul Bunyan that’s standing outside of Extreme Air and House of Doors today. A lumberjack standing tall in front of the A1-Tree Experts business? He thought that it would be a perfect fit for the newly opened business!! So he went in the store and asked for the owner. Once he introduced himself to the owner, he asked how much he was selling Paul Bunyan for.

Through conversation, Rock Brother’s owner found out Conrad was an owner of a tree business. Instead of giving him a price to buy Paul Bunyan, he offered a different proposal. In lieu of paying for Paul Bunyan, Conrad agreed with the owner of Rock Brother’s Tires to do tree work to inherit Paul Bunyan. 2 weeks later, Conrad was the proud owner of a 24ft tall Paul Bunyan statue! When he tried to put it up, the town of Cheshire wouldn’t let him unless he had the flag flying high where it stood. Conrad decided that he would turn the 24ft tall statue into a flag pole by putting him on a pedestal!

Once the town approved, Paul Bunyan was standing 28ft tall! After the tree business, House of Doors was founded in 1981 and established in 1984. Since Paul Bunyan was already considered a landmark at this point, it was in Sirois’ best interest to keep him standing tall. As time progressed, Extreme Air was founded in 2015 and established March 22nd, 2018. After all, Paul Bunyan was the icon of two family businesses, so why not introduce him to the 3rd business? Paul Bunyan is a very big part of the Sirois family, and he will continue to pridefully watch over the family businesses for many years to come!